Having trouble owning my value

I am a life coach. I have run 7 online courses and worked with 50+ 1:1 clients. I receive amazing testimonials/results and have repeat customers (e.g. they buy one course, they buy another, they sign up as a client, they renew their contract etc). And despite all this evidence that I am providing value, I still have so much trouble believing it. I still struggle with thoughts of “what if I am not able to help someone create results in the future” (with 1:1 clients) and “everyone already knows this, this isn’t good/unique enough” (when I get an inspired idea for a course). I have trouble letting go of these thoughts, because I don’t want to believe I am amazing, and then let people down. I would love advice on where to begin re-wiring this, as it is holding me back from focusing on serving. I have done some models on it, but my brain is not believing the new thoughts (e.g. I am great at what I do, my courses are a valuable solution for people, not everyone knows this life-changing stuff at the level I do, etc). Thank you so much!