Should I narrow my niche even further?

I’ve recently launched a program targeted to women over forty who struggle with weight loss. I’ve set up a funnel in which they have to fill out an application to apply for a mini-session. I have had 6 calls, and 4 that I did not take because they specified they did not have funds to invest in themselves. I have not yet closed a session. Of course I have some thoughts about this 🙂

One thought is, do I need to further narrow my target niche? Maybe “sales women in the transportation industry” that struggle with weight loss? Because I too have been in transportation & sales for years – and I still am until I retire to coach full time.
I have a mailing list of about 550 people and am also concerned about changing my message for the current email subscribers. Or am I making this mean something it doesn’t really mean?
Another thought is should I bring down the price (I can always raise it later) just to start getting some traction and some customers coming in?
Thank you for whatever insight you can offer!