Holding Myself Back

I am currently in coach training and while I was being coached during a peer coaching session, I came across a few limiting beliefs that I hadn’t brought to the surface in my own self-coaching before. I plan to follow through with the entrepreneur track and run a successful life coaching business that makes millions of dollars and helps thousands of people. So exciting!

Unintentional Model:
C- Life Coaching Career
T- I’m not capable of the level of success I want
F- Condemned
A- Go through the motions (daily life without building my business)
R- Ample evidence that I am not capable of having a successful life coaching business

We discussed this further and realized this is an indulgent emotion for me. I stay in my comfort zone by not building my business and it keeps me safe, prevents failure, etc. I recognize this and am ready to work towards some discomfort. I continue to get coached and we come across another unintentional model.

C- Life Coaching Career
T- I don’t offer anything worth being paid for (OUCH!)
F- Painful
A- Buffer with TV, social media, and sugar/flour
R- I don’t make any offers and I don’t get paid for my life coaching

That model is fresh and painful for me but I know I need to clean up my thoughts around offering value and being open to receiving money for the value that I offer.

This is where I am right this second:
C- Life Coaching Career
T- I’m not ready to make offers and potentially let people down with my coaching skills
F- Scared
A- Inaction: Don’t make any offers
R- Let myself down because I didn’t put myself out there and get better

AHH! This is my work and it is intense and scary and I’m probably dying (not really, but I’m 100% in it right now) At the end of our peer coaching session, we created this intentional model:

C- Life Coaching Career
T- Life coaching is worth paying for and I am a life coach, so therefore it’s possible that I am worth being paid for my coaching
F- Brave
A- Practice coaching and putting myself out in the world as a coach
R- Get better at my coaching skills and get paid as a life coach
We had to REALLY scale back the thought so that I would believe it and this was as close as I got. Baby steps. I would love some feedback on this work and also some bridge thoughts that you think may be helpful or areas I should continue to work on. Thanks!