What people should I hire for a launch?

I have my first big offer (a six week coaching package). And I’d love to start marketing this to the world in bigger ways.

I’d like to do FB ads and a funnel.
I’d like to hire out as much of the launch pieces as I can so I can have an effective system going forward.

It seems there are so many specialties needed for a launch – and I’m trying to figure out the kinds of contractors that would be good to hire for the various tasks.

For example:
-Facebook Ads team
-Maybe a copywriter for funnel & landing page & FB ad? (or are these usually separate specialties?)
-Maybe like a launch manager who sets up everything?

Anyway, not sure what else would be good. Any suggestions would be so helpful. There are probably launch tasks needed that I’m not even aware of. And, not sure if you make referrals here for various contractors, but if you had any names of people, that would be so helpful. Thank you so very much!