how to accurately assess the demand for a service/business idea

hi Brooke,

i am a dance and yoga instructor and university professor (in the field of dance and kinesiology). i have also been coaching a few women in weight loss and fitness since a couple of years ago, for a very low rate and lasting only a few sessions (i didn’t really believe in myself). my work right now is part-time due to the fact that i am a single mother of three young children (as i have mentioned in another question). for a while now i have been thinking about expanding my wellness/weight loss coaching for women, believing that this would very satisfying to me and fruitful, and also that i could work in the mornings on my own time when the kids are at school.

i have begun talking about this with friends and clients and basically whoever i meet (using organic marketing) and they often immediately ask me to give them an example of what their diet would look like. i usually do not divulge too much info but sometimes say that it is a low-carb plan that is a lifetime thing. i tell them i have been ‘on it’ for years and then they say something tike ‘well you’re a dancer, it’s different, that’s why you’re thin’ and don’t follow up with scheduling a consultation.

before joining scholars two months ago i thought that responses such as these were due to the small mediterranean community mentality where i live and that the women here might be stuck on their ideas. since doing the thought work in SCS i have begun to think that this may be a possibility for some but that for others this is not the case and that the lack of follow up is due to something i am doing. do you have any suggestions on how i can investigate whether or not there is really an interest in this type of coaching? Also, would a good temporary goal be to get to 25 fails after I offer free consultations and do nit succeed? I am passionate about pursuing this and do not want to give up but also do not want to waste my time…