I want to detach my security from money…but how??

I want to detach my sense of peace, security, safety, and ability to live-in-my-home-and-eat-food-and-have-healthcare-and-take-care-of-myself-in-old-age from money, but like……do people really do this? How?? I keep reading about this but it hasn’t clicked yet.

I have moments of detachment from a specific client. For example, on a consult I am totally okay letting someone go who is a “no”, but that detachment is always coming at least partially from the thought “I am okay, I have enough money to pay my bills, I want to help support this person and I can do so fully without an agenda or weird feelings about seeing them as a sale instead of a real person, this person doesn’t control or affect my ability to make a living and support myself, etc”. Any detachment I feel towards a client is mostly money-related//attached to money.

I can follow the detachment process as far as acknowledging that if my current method of making money goes away I have the power and capacity and skill to go and find a new way of supporting myself, but I don’t know how I can live in a place where you need money to pay for shelter, food, healthcare, etc, and still feel empowered and secure without attaching that to money.
Money is what gives you purchasing power/freedom of self-determination here in the States, money is what you need if you want the kind of life that I want (one that isn’t camping/bartering for everything/living on someone’s couch). I’m kidding kind of, but you understand. As far as I can see, I need money, period, and without it I am not secure/living how I want to live/safe/taken care of/okay/able to take care of myself the way I want to.

Thank you so much for your help!