offering the "right" people part 2

What does “right people” mean for you? How would you define the specific details of right people?
Perhaps it includes:
People who want to change their mindset.
People who have $600. (per month)*
People who have debt and feel bad.
People who want to save more*

What does your brain want $70-80k to mean about the right people?
I make it mean they are more in line with the – “has 600 per month to pay me”
And I got this idea from when Brooke said coach people who can pay you.

What if you could think these thoughts about people who make $3-3500 a month?
So interesting, because I do have clients making this much paying me. I think the doubt creeps in when they can’t make much progress in the numbers because $600 per month is a big chunk of what they’re currently making.

Would that then make them the right people?
If they are willing to find $600 per month, they want to change their mindset and they want to improve their relationship with money.

If you were to shift to higher earners, what do you think will happen?
Ah, I am definitely having sneaky thoughts that it would be easier to overcome money objections on potential clients making MORE money. AND help them get tangible results faster (meaning more saved/more debt paid off, etc)

How might these results be available to you for both $70k earners AND $3500/month earners?
These results definitely are possible for both. I think I am more concerned about them getting their results fast vs actually coaching their brain and letting the client own their own results.