I would like feedback on my model today.

I woke up with an overwhelming feeling of insecurity today. I did a model right away. I’d love feedback on this.
Here’s the unintentional thought model:

C: I have not signed a new customer for 6 months.
T: People are bored with my social media content.
F: Insecure
A: Stop posting content everyday
R: My profile is boring with no content to engage with.

Intentional Thought Model:

Do I keep the C line the same for this? I wasn’t sure so I changed it with what I want to be true.

C: I have new customers signing up with me.
T: People want to hear what I have to say and engage with me.
F: confident
A: I post things I’m passionate about.
R: My profile is fun and full of engagement with my audience/followers

Thank you for your time and feedback! I appreciate it!