I’m making my business and enrollment about me rather than my clients

I’m recognizing that every time I go into enrollment for private or group coaching, I make it about me. In fact, I think I make a lot of my business about me. Hitting my numbers, making a certain amount of money, enrolling a certain number of clients.

I care so much about my clients and their transformation. I love what I can do to help them. I just notice that when it comes to enrollment (especially for my group), it’s always about me. Lots of poor me story and I totally lose focus from what I’m actually here to do which is to help sober women shift from shame to empowered sobriety!

Thought download about enrollment:

Oh great, here we go again with enrollment…we know how this goes.
I hope this goes well
This is always a struggle
I hope I get lots of engagement
What if I only enroll 2 people again?
Why is enrollment always harder for me?
Enrollment is always so hard
I hate enrollment
This is the worst part of the job <— (makes no sense because this is my opportunity to meet new people, tell them I can help them and hire me to help them!!)
I hope I hit my numbers
I want to have a $16,000+ launch
I hope this gets easier.
Why is it always so much easier for other coaches?
I always struggle.

I would like help finding more helpful thoughts to shift my focus from me to my clients, their transformation and their vision!