improved solution statement for B2B supply chain consulting business

Brooke, I have improved my value creation statement. (question 4 on worksheet)

I have a process that helps you realize and retain the benefits from improving your supply chain. I help you understand and question your assumptions about the purchasing process in your business. I coach you to bring your team together and discuss the purchasing process openly in a systematic manner. It gets everyone on the same page, and identifies flaws in the purchasing process. From there we go through a system of elimination to identify the quick wins, the process checklists and trainings and the potential larger projects to create efficiencies and save you money. We focus on reducing wasted time and effort and re-direct your team’s energies to the essential and most productive tasks at hand. We create a plan and get your team to get started on it. As your internal improvements start to show returns in time and effort we then look outward to your suppliers. Using our newfound knowledge we coach you to open the lines of communication with your most impactful suppliers.

Your story of success is built around 4 pillars:
1. Redirecting assumptions to curiosity that serves you
2. Creating communication and process understanding across the whole team
3. Looking internally to improve efficiencies
4. Looking outward to strengthen supplier relationships.

The biggest benefits to you are:
* reframing your purchasing process
*increased efficiencies
*increased communication
*increased profit
*reduction in unnecessary work
*improved staff leadership and morale
*suppliers that will “go the extra mile” for you

To make this even more successful for you – I work with not just you as the business owner and champion, but also one of your nominated staff as the leader. You get the results and your staff member gets a learning and development opportunity. You both get access to regular zoom calls for each module, direct email access and support from me, and you have access to 3 x 1 hour coaching calls to discuss your key specific challenges as well.

Question: is this looking / sounding better?

I haven’t watched “making the offer” yet, so this might be a bit of an overlap. I was just trying hard to focus more on benefits than features.

Thanks for any input or direction you can give.