input on model around handling distraction while writing a blog post

I just started SCS last week. I am starting September early due to the upcoming long weekend here.

Building content on my blog has been glacially slow due to procrastination, buffering, and passive action.

One specific issue is that when I do work on creating content, my brain explodes with ideas. I write them down and capture them as I go. But the “idea avalanche” is very distracting compared to the relatively mundane tasks of writing and editing blog posts. It feels like fireworks are going off in my brain. Pretty sure I have ADHD but I don’t take medication.

C: goal to publish 10 posts in 30 days
T: It’s hard to focus on just one post
F: distracted
A: buffer, passive action
R: post doesn’t get written

C: goal to publish 10 posts in 30 days
T: ??
F: focused, committed, capable
A: finish blog post editing today
R: stick to plan for goal

I’m struggling with choosing a thought. I considered “My blog post is growing one post at a time”, but that feels more like an affirmation than a believable thought.