Instagram Bio & Niche Narrowed

I previously asked a question, it is still up under the subject “Is my Niche narrow enough? Too fluffy/dreamy? Too Narrow?”

I believe I have narrowed my Target market down more? Perfectionistic Dreamer. This is what I have so far for my Instagram Page:

Life Designer + Coach (Or: Mindset Coach)
⚡️Empowering Perfectionistic Dreamers to Get Unstuck,
🦄 Overcome (-) Emotions & Limiting Beliefs,
🔮 & Discover their Purpose.
🗝 Is this you? Quiz ⬇️

Is this clear enough? Thoughts?

This is the Niche form filled out again:

1) Does your problem fit into one of these broad categories?
-> Relationships (Relationship with Self)
2) Have you narrowed it down to a submarket within the larger market?
-> Female Perfectionistic Dreamers who struggle with “Stuckness”, Procrastination, Melancholy and Limiting Beliefs
3) What exactly would someone Google to find you? Some Ideas of what they would search:
->”Why am I procrastinating”
->”How to get unstuck”
->”How to believe in myself”
->”How to achieve my dreams”
->”Why don’t I do what I say I’ll do?”
->”How can I get motivation to tackle my dreams?”
->”How do I find my purpose?”
->”How can I get over my perpetual melancholy?”
->”How to know when to give up on your dream?”
->”How to reinvent myself?”
->”How to get clear on what to do with my life?”
->”Will dreamers ever actually accomplish their dreams?”
4) What is your solution to their problem and why is it compelling
->I teach you how to capitalize on being a dreamer while overcoming the perfectionism that holds you back from your dreams
->I help you navigate WHY you procrastinate and feel stuck in the first place, then tackle your mindset so you can clear any barriers preventing you starting your purpose
->I teach you how to navigate the ups and downs of being dreamer
->I provide you a compass to fast-track through the melancholy, self doubt and the confusion that kicks in when dreaming big and designing your dream life
->I teach you to remove the barriers of perfectionism, confusion and procrastination that prevent you from discovering your purpose and living a passionate intentional life