Is it a yes for my niche ?

Hie I’m a french women selling individual antique dismatched second-hand place setting. My target market is gonna be : single women on a diet who loves second hand items and french Arts de la table. The value for them is : finding back joy and happiness with preparing and eating your food thanks to the beauty of old plates instead of overeating. I’m thinking about educating them about for instance plate history through age. For example in the middle age plates didn’t exist and the piece of bread which replaced them was collective and given to the poor at the end of the meal”.
I’m found of beautiful antique french dinnerware and mix and match plates and about item history so I hope people will also be.
Do you think it’s specific enough or do I have to work on my niche more ?
Thank you
By the way your programs are just fantastic ! Each call is blowing my mind for 2 mo this now !!!
I would like to know if it’s specific enough or not ?
Thank you