Lacking Congruency

I’ve been busily putting in the foundation for launching my business, but noticed that I am avoiding getting out there and making offers. Then I realized that even though I have all the skills to do what is needed to run a business efficiently, I’m not exactly doing that. In other words, I’m not practicing what I’m preaching and I feel very inadequate about what I’m pitching. The results are that it isn’t resonating with potential clients and I am not getting anywhere with my business.
I feel the urgency to get everything set up and running as fast as possible, but then doubt my ability to pull it off. I start to wonder if I really want to do this at all. Everything is so out of my comfort zone and a real stretch emotionally and mentally. I am not the kind of person who likes to do nothing, but right now, I feel like doing exactly that–nothing! This is not realistic, as I cannot afford to NOT work to bring in income and yet I also am not ready to consider going back to working in the corporate arena (many, many reasons here). Suffice it to say, I need to create a business that will bring in income, or suffer the consequences financially. Help!