launch week

I’m promoting my course this week with a free webinar kickoff. I’ve noticed this model coming up today:

C: Current webinar registration #
T: Not enough people have registered
F: defeated
A: Post in groups to get more last minute sign ups, check registration amount frequently, buffer with food, imagine scenarios about launch not going well, question why these people are on my list if they don’t want anything from me
R: ?

One thing that’s come up from that model is the thought:

“Why are these people on my list if they don’t want anything from me”

Which feels really icky and like I’m wanting desperately of them!

While I don’t want to be obsessed with the # of registrants, my brain is telling me average conversion rates and metrics and showing me that the current number IS a problem.

– How would you recommend redirecting my brain here?
– Also, what are some shifts I can make with how I view my own email list?