Lazy or true desire?

So last summer I started my business and I was running high- I was all in, even when it was hard. I was willing to feel discomfort and so the things anyway. It wasn’t easy but it was so fun and exciting! Then I became pregnant and I lost all drive for my business. Today I realized that I thought that’s how I would always feel about my business, and then when it changed I thought that there’s something wrong with me. That if I can’t coach myself through it, then I’m just being lazy. Here’s my model:
C: I had thought “I don’t want to work on my business right now. “
T: I can’t give in to this lazy desire because I know it’s a thought.
F: disgust
A: deny this want, force myself to keep going but do minimum in business, work without my heart in it, wonder what’s wrong with me, question my goals, question my decision to start a biz, spin in indecision,spills into motherhood
R: ??

I’m stuck on what the R is in this model- I know it’s not something I want to be creating. How do I know if it’s something to coach myself through or to let it be? Is it being lazy or is it okay to take a step back?