It’s a lonely road – Business

I’ve come up with my new business offering and am excited about it, but self doubt and failures from the past keep coming up. In addition what seems to be really plaguing me is the isolation of working on this alone. I have teamed up with an accountability partner and we work together to support one another in our businesses as we move forward with them. I THRIVE on working with others in a team and leading projects forward for the team and I am searching for new partnerships for my new business offering to help me with this. Every time I sit down to work on the business I associate it with “not fun/too hard”. Of course this is all self sabotage. I am trying to figure out an intentional model to help me move forward. My initial reaction is to search for others to help alleviate this feeling (other business partners) when really it is my thoughts that are sabotaging me.
Here is my model:
Unintentional Model:
C: New business service
T: Working on this is not fun
F: defeated
A: buffering
R: not moving forward

Intentional Model
C: new business service
T: I’m figuring it out
F: motivated
A: moving forward with offering my new service/promotion of service
R: getting new clients

Thank you as always for your insight! You all are amazing.