Leaving my job and Guilt over slacking

I’m deciding when to leave my day job to focus full-time on my current “side hustles.” Originally my goal was to leave when I had replaced my current income. However, I recently bought a house and have more financial stability, as well as potential support from my partner in the event of a dip in business. I also have great credit and access to credit if needed for business expenses.

Right now my “full-time” job is really only taking me 10-20 hours a week, so I have very little motivation to give it up. However, I also feel guilt that I’m not working hard enough. The combination of remote work, plus being extremely good at what I do, plus having better focus power due to scheduling well, means that it truly doesn’t take me more than half the time to get my work done really well. I’m doing a great job and my boss is very happy with me.

Intellectually, I know that the value I’m providing is worth what they’re paying me. And I’m using the rest of the time to build my business, and that’s where I feel guilty. I’m using time that in theory would be taken by the day job in order to prepare to leave the job.

In models around this I decided that I wanted to think that my day job is “fun and meaningful,” and I’ve been playing with that thought and already feel much better about the day-to-day.

Mostly I think I’m scared to take the leap because I’m in such a comfortable and flexible job that is making everything so easy. And also, I have the thought that my business will grow faster if I put more time and effort into it.

I think I’d like to leave the job at the end of January or February, though I don’t have a super-specific reason for that timeline. It would be fine to wait to meet a particular business milestone, but I don’t really want to do that.