Meetings/Calls InternallyHow one of the videos was filmed:)

Hi guys! I just DEVOURED the Monday Hour 1 series in the study vault. Are there any videos or resources that could lead me in the right direction with:
How many calls a week we should have internally with the team? Meaning, we have myself, (visionary) Operations director, Marketing and Ads Director, a Sales team, and Professors (some of these are 1099 and some are W2) for our 2 different programs (some Professors profess in both programs but others are strictly experts in 1 program- we have a 3 month Hairstylist course, and a 4 month Salon owner course) So with all the different departments and roles, and without me or some of the team being on 4 different internal calls every week how do we have solid communication without “wasting” peoples times being apart of calls they don’t need to be? OR does there even need to be calls about sales, and the 2 different programs’ Professors? Right now we just have 1 Monday morning call with myself, Operations and Marketing to talk about the company at scope (we use the EOS method from the book Traction and this is our Level 10 call) but Sales doesn’t have a system for communication and neither does the professors in each course to communicate/work through problems and guide each other so we can build better Professors and so we can be better for our students.

I really hope I am making sense! For the calls, if you could tell me how often, how long, and the content to go over this would be so damn helpful. Right now I just need some guidance so I can execute!

Second question is more of tech- when Lauren is going over how to do the calendar blocking, how did you guys film that?! It has a frame that you can see her but then it has a frame where you see her computer screen- it was AN AWESOME visual to be able to see both and I would like to incorporate that in some of our lessons! Thank you all!