Merging worlds…


I am a marketing professor and teaching digital marketing/customer relationship management focused on B2C or B2B. I have over 15 years of experience in the industry and have had some awesome wins for my employers. However, this year I want to launch my own marketing training program + coaching. I struggle because I want the business I have to feed into what I teach my students (area of expertise) but feel like that is too limiting (especially as it relates to the business coaching front). I don’t really want to stay in the corporate world but rather focus on the individual and the start of launching a business – especially as it relates to coaching. This could be someone just starting to get their business off the ground and putting it online or a business that is already online but having stagnate growth.

I want my niche to be helping women entrepreneurs and start-up founders create more revenue (is that specific enough?). I want to hook them with solving the need to make more $$/wealth but than coach them on their mindset and to get out of their own way to create that success (and blow their own minds).

What am I not thinking of? What doesn’t make sense? Where are the gaps in this? I’m too close to it and keep going around in circles. Thank you!