Mind drama about lowering the price of my offer

I would love help with mind drama about lowering the price of my old offer to make it a no brainer offer that I don’t have to do much thought work around.

– Original offer stated on website is 10500 dkk for 16 weeks that I have tried selling at, but belief is just not there yet
– New offer that feels easy is 5700 for 16 weeks ( 50% off ish)
– Signed 1 client at 4300 dkk for 6 weeks
– Signed 1 client at 2150 dkk for 3 weeks

Since I’ve signed a client for 6 weeks at 4700 it seems odd that it’s so hard for me to believe I can offer 16 weeks for 10500…

I do not want to continue offering 6 weeks for 4700. I want to offer 16 weeks because it is in service to the client and even if that means starting at 5700.

I have 2 consults coming up (woohoo) and I want to offer the NEW offer of 16 weeks for 5700. But my thought is “they will wonder why I put the price down and think less of the offer and then not buy at all” and that makes me feel afraid so here I am 😀

Writing all this out seems almost silly now. Who cares if I offer it at 5700 if it feels good 😀 I guess it will just be potential clients winning lottery day…

Feedback appreciated. Thank you so much!