Mindset for actively selling for 30 days

Hi coaches!
Have just finished watching the Business Call that Stacey made this week and absolutely loved it! I could relate with the 2nd coachee, in a sense that I was having this unconscious belief that “if I don´t make the 60k that I want by the end of this year, I better quit”.
So, in the next 30 days, I will be actively selling “Career Boost” my online training and career coaching programme. This will be its 4th edition and usually, I get 20 clients per group, however, I would like to get more this time (around 60 will be awesome). Therefore I have committed to showing up every day on Facebook and connecting with my alumni (those are the main 2 channels from where I get my clients). My question: how do I sustain this rhythm? I have everything sorted in the logistics end (scheduled posts, videos, email, etc) but not sure if my mindset is there yet.

Shall I create an intentional model? What other strategies would you recommend?

As always, many thanks!!