Mindset or Marketing?

I am a life/business coach and help women start their online businesses and become entrepreneurs.

I have made $86K in my coaching business in 2021.

I raised my price from $2400 to $6000 in March and $65K of the $86K came from my new pricing.

Since July, I have not signed a client.

ALL of my clients are seeing results, but my last five clients have chosen not to re-up.

I have had 6 consults in total and all of them have said YES, they really want to work together but it’s not the right time or they don’t have the money.

I have been working on my attachment to the results and yesterday I had a client with NO attachment. She was a YES and then after talking to her husband said NO.

I went from 18 clients in March and am currently at 8 clients.

I feel like something has gone wrong. I am not sure if it is my thoughts or if it is my marketing. I say this because I am speaking with women who don’t know yet or are not sold on knowing that they for sure want to start a business. I am wondering if $6,000 is too much of a leap for them. I am thinking I need to target new entrepreneurs who have tried things and are frustrated that it’s not working VS the person who needs purpose and direction and confidence in saying YES to herself.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.