Model For my 2022 Goal

Hi Coaches!

Could you take a look at the model I put together? I really want to lean into this in order to achieve my 2022 goal. Maybe help me make it stronger and more dialed in?

C: My year in business 2022

T: I am committed to this entire journey no matter where it takes me.

F: Trust

A: Always sticking by my businesses side, always having my own back, feeling good about the decisions I make, never questioning if I should stop, falling in love with my growth as much as the $ that proves I am making it, self-coaching, and keeping myself on top of my thoughts, getting very comfortable with each emotion on an individual basis, welcoming every experience, opportunity, client as something and someone that was meant to be, remembering that being an entrepreneur is a rollercoaster ride and it doesn’t mean anything has gone wrong but means that everything is going right.

R: Earning $50,000 in my first year of coaching!!

Thank you!