Clients not buying

I am in a middle of a launch, and I’ve run 4 days of free training (lots of free value) last week and two interviews with my ex-clients as part of the training. I had 50 people in the group, super high engagement on every call, and 70% open rates on emails.

And then after selling, nobody bought. Nobody got in touch to say they’d like a call to explore the program sign up….Silence.

So I created another offer today, and added a bonus strategy call to those who sign up early. I contacted people personally with this offer so I can converse with them about it.

I got long messages back from 5 people saying similar things: “Thank you SO, SO MUCH, you’ve changed the way I think about business.” One person said she’s got new energy for her business and I helped her so much. Another person said she realised she needs something other than a therapist but absolutely loved my training. Someone said she’s finally accepted herself because she realised that in my training etc.

Most of the people also commented on the price saying it’s too much for them (it’s 2,222 Euros). Some of these people had been to 3-4 of my previous free trainings and they love my stuff… they keep coming back. But they’re not converting.

How do I structure launches so I can sell my work? Am I giving them too much for free?

Stacey Boehman is teaching give VALUE and at some point, it comes back. I’ve been giving value since March this year, people are loving my stuff, but no one is asking for consultations.

I’ve seen other people in online business in Slovakia (where I’m currently based) and they sell expensive programs. Even though my prospects tell me my program is expensive and that they don’t have the money right now, I’m not sure what I’m missing in terms of giving MORE VALUE.