Money Coaching Biz p2

What I learned from the YES’s (these women actually make LESS than any other consults I did that said NO?!) Wait, what… SO interesting. They are both single moms, in their young 30s, who feel super stressed about money and overwhelmed when even looking at numbers. They both wanted a sense of ease with money. So I am wondering if I need to tweak my offer…

I feel I may be talking to everyone.. My offers look something like
If you’ve tried all the things, the budgets, the programs, the tracking, the savings buckets and nothing REALLY moves you forward and gives you the relationship with money that you want and you’re ready for something more, schedule a free consult.


These unexpected things pop up and it sends us into a panic we feel anxious, worried, frustrated.


NOT because the unexpected event, not even because your progress is lost..

Wait, what..!?

You feel anxious and worried because of the thoughts about it.

Your thoughts about lost progress, all your hard work, the next bills coming, the next whammy that’ll hit and the thought that you’ll never reach your goals.

I want you to know – your goals are achievable.

You CAN create the relationship with money that you WANT.

If you’ve tried it on your own and want more for your life, you want help, insight and understanding of what to do differently, schedule a free consult.

I think it may be talking to “anyone and everyone” and the results aren’t measurable like save twice as much money, etc.. Brooke talks a lot about selling the actions you teach and the result.. Should I rework what I am offering in my posts?