My Group Coaching call


I changed the format of my group coaching calls. It use to be a format where all the members could see and talk. Now for a variety of reasons I have changed it to webinar style, where only I can be seen and talk, unless someone raises their hand for coaching.

The first time I had this new style call 14 members came, 7 people complained that they didn’t like it because they couldn’t see the other members.

Today was the second time I held this new type of call. 6 people came, 2 left halfway through.
No one asked for 1.1 coaching, and I ran out of questions to answer so I finished 15 minutes early.
I didn’t get any complaints either.

I know that moving forwards this is the way to go. But I am making the lower numbers and the lack of participation mean that people don’t like the new format, that I am not an engaging speaker, and that my course, that people had previously loved is going to flop.

Can you help me!
Thank you!