My offer feels confusing and not specific enough — please help!

Hi SCS Team! So I’ve been listening to Brooke’s amazing calls on “The Possibility Formula,” and this has got me thinking a lot about my offer. In the last call, Brooke spoke to that Certified Health Coach about coaching clients on bringing their A1C levels down. I am also a Certified Health Coach and I’ve been coaching go-getter, ambitious women to help them eliminate their sugar cravings so they can lose weight permanently.

I think the part where I get tripped up on my offer, though, is the result I’m selling to them. I’m confused if I’m selling permanent weight loss or eliminating sugar cravings?

After coaching this niche for a couple years, the #1 thing that these ambitious women want (lawyers, entrepreneurs, advanced practice nurses) is they want to feel in control around food. They can’t figure out why they keep turning to food (namely, sugar and carbs) for stress relief, even if they are intelligent, ambitious, and smart women.

I’m not sure how to market this since my niche for so long has been “sugar cravings.” These women don’t necessarily say they have a “sugar cravings” problem, but moreso that they feel “broken” and “out of control” with their eating.

I’m curious if I shouldn’t be advertising it as sugar cravings?? Or what my focus should be? Or maybe “I help ambitious women stop turning to sugar and carbs for comfort so they can lose weight permanently”??

Please help! Lol. Thank you so much!!