Narrow down my niche

Hello lovely coaches.

In Brooke’s video’s, (Entrepreneur), she says that we should narrow our niche’s down as much a possible.
How do I get to know everything about this woman that I am burning to serve?

I realised my passion for coaching women, because I self coached my way out of a miserable hole and I want to show others that it is totally possible regardless of what your hole looks like.

I want to coach every woman I meet, because as I become more aware of all the busyness of thoughts in our heads, I want to show everyone an alternative way of thinking that will completely turn their lives around.

I have been coaching for about a year now. This past Saturday, I was invited as a guest speaker at a fundraiser event. I was on fire… The excitement in the room was high… And yet I struggle to narrow my audience down to the exact person I want to talk directly to…

However.. I am pulled towards another niche as I Loooove teaching my biggest lessons and transformation…

I want to help women make a ton of money in their own businesses.
I am clearing my blocks daily and am so excited to watch my business explode!

I totally get that this is a crappy thought… BUT…. How on earth do I teach how to make more money in your business when I don’t even make R10 000 a month (less than $1000) in my own…???

How do I align with a niche that lights up my soul… As I feel strongly towards both.

As I write this I feel that I should connect stronger to the first one I mentioned and develop into the second as I grow my business..
Then my only question will be, is how to narrow it down to the finest point 🙂

I love how things make sense when we write it all down***

Thank you in advance