Need some clarification on the "6 main points" for a fine art business please.

Hi! I’m working through the Entrepreneurship class. I’m a fine artist who sells originals and prints of my canvas paintings.

I watched and want to understand better what the Formula for Value Creation video and need some clarification on what the “6 main points” mean.

I understand it better in reference to a service offered to a client, but with a fine art painting I’m not sure what this means so I can apply it. What question am I asking myself?

Am I describing “6 main points” about how the client feels when their problem is solved? (in this example, the problem they had was a blank wall or incomplete space and they want to enhance the beauty around them with a painting they love).

If so perhaps one point is that my client found a painting they connect with emotionally so it fulfills that desire for connection. And a second point would be that they love the colors and subject matter and it compliments their decor, they just love the way it looks in their space. Am I understanding the directions properly? What is she asking me to do? Thanks!