New client mind drama

I have a new client. She signed up to my 6 month program, signed the coaching contract and took the payment plan option to pay me monthly.

She suddenly had a turn of events where she is now getting a divorce and says her life has become crazy. We discussed this in our first coaching call and she agreed that now is the best time for her to have coaching as it forces her to make time for herself.

I work through having a coaching call on a weekly basis. She had her first coaching call and everything went well. The second week she didn’t book her coaching call and when I reached out she said things have been too crazy. The third week she booked her coaching call and cancelled last min due to work commitments.

She then messaged me saying that it feels like she doesn’t have time for this and that there are not enough hours in a day. I sent her an email getting real with her as her coach and being honest with her. I coached her on this. She has not responded and still has not booked her call for this week. Moving forward, I know she will not see results if she doesn’t make this a priority in her life to attend her 60 min coaching call once a week.

I’m having mind drama. My contract says that it is a 6 month coaching program and that if you leave prematurely due to lack of commitment on your part you are entitled to continue paying for the full 6 months (the full program price). It’s a huge possibility that she could respond and say to me that coaching is not the right fit for her right now as she has too much going on etc. If she does this, I’m having mind drama over if I should tell her that she should pay for the full 6 months? I feel guilty doing this!