Niche – Simple Offer – Commitment

I help women stop quitting on themselves so they find their voice, stand out and lead.
broad with just women – i do want to work with women in business – but I cant seem to nail the end…….& lead in their life – biz??

#2 – more narrow
I help ambitious female coaches to stop quitting on themselves, find their voice, stand out and lead in their industry.
is this more specific? I really want to help them say yes to themselves, speak up be heard and give zero f-s.

I know I am on the right path when it comes to finding voice but I have this model now
c – niche
t – I can not nail this exactly so no one will really know how I can help them
f – frazzled
a – create – recreate over and over
r – no clarification

——-Simple Offer———
I have committed to creating a simple offer and sticking to it. Only selling this offer.
I created the offer – I know its extremely valuable – besides it hinging on nailing the above I have this model coming up
c- simple offer
t – no one will pay me this much or has paid me this much
t – no one has ever paid me in full
a – second guess offer – try to add more and more bonuses – try to create reasons why it wont work
r – this is anything but simple

I am committed to both of these things above everything else because I am ready for my business to actually become a business but its hard to just keep moving along without definite direction.
What are the next steps here or is this it?