Niche Worksheet – need some additional help

I filled out the worksheet as best as I can but am struggling with ‘what would they google’. I am clouded thinking about what “I” would google because I have been doing self-help on myself for years as well as seeking counseling when it was needed. So what I would google is different than to what someone else who isnt as in-tuned to their emotional health would search.

I want to help women 25 yr and older who feel stuck in their personal and/or professional lives. I dont know how to say its personal development for women who are basically in a rut and need some empowerment, some thought organization and clarity. I am confident I can help them achieve this since I have been doing this for years within my circle of friend and family and have some experience coaching/mentoring when I worked in corporate america. I have been told “I missed my calling for years” and I’m ready to not miss it anymore. Just need some guidance if you could please.

For my niche, something along these lines: I teach women how to transform their thoughts in order to achieve their goals and gain balance through strategies and techniques.

Although I filled out the worksheet, I still feel that is too vague and not compelling enough – your opinion/guidance/expertise would be greatly appreciated. Based on what I wrote, do you understand what direction I’m trying to take? Any help in positioning this message correctly? Thank you so much!