Offer a program for my niche

Hello!! Can you please help me, I wish I can create a successful coaching business- one that has many clients, Instagram and web page. On the web page I want to offer a program for my niche, so it’s not just coaching where I get money, but creating a program people can buy on the web page. I already created an Instagram page some months ago, even started posting reels, but suddenly I felt out of content with zero creativity and stopped posting.

C Watching how others have created successful podcasts, web pages and offering a program for their niche to learn how to solve a problem on their web page.
T I wish I have their creativity to create content and develop a method for my niche
F Discouraged
A Inaction, beating myself up for not knowing, ruminating
R I don’t create what I want

I also feel a little scared since it’s going to be the first time I coach people and charge for it. I’ve been coaching some friends and neighbors, but without charging them.

I saw a page where a woman created a program where she teaches women building a business as a mom – I wish I could create that.

I have not mentioned my niche because I haven’t decided what it would be. I feel confident with the topic of anxiety, but need to narrow it down.

Thank you