Offer benefit – I can’t guarantee what they really want

Hi 🙂
I am narrowing my niche to women in their 30’s who are recently single. Their greatest fear is being alone forever.

My offer is called The Ultimate Rebound – weekly 1:1 coaching to do the work so they have the foundation to create a deep, and meaningful romantic relationship (their relationship with themselves, self worth and confidence).

I know ultimately what they *really* want is to be in a relationship. That would be selling water to someone in the desert. But my offer is more about creating a loving relationship within themselves first then they can be ready for that romantic relationship.

My offer is the step before “finding your soulmate” – I don’t get into going on dating apps, or what to do on a date. It’s the internal work to do before they have a date, like just being ok with being single.

As I write this, I realize they don’t want to “be ok with being single” they want a deep passionate romantic relationship.
I don’t know or feel like I can offer “find your soulmate in XX days” – which IS a compelling offer for my target.
How do I make a compelling offer while not promising something that is out of my control?