Teaching my curriculum

As a weight loss coach, there’s 50+ micro concepts I’ve written down to teach my clients before they complete 16 weeks with me. These range from nutrition, to exercise, to mindset. I’m feeling overwhelmed from my thought “how do I teach all of these?” And know the answer is to film core concepts in videos and then teach micro concepts that compliment the topic in our community, in posts, etc, but I’m having a hard time with this because this is the story in my brain…

My clients need help this week with motivation and scale fluctuations – these are the common themes of the week. I have a video on motivation, and I can go LIVE and give tips and share stories this week about motivation to help. But then I also need to share about the scale. I have some videos on the scale already, but they’re from past LIVES in our community that clients won’t see.

It’s almost like my brain wants to record ALL the topics and HOARD them into Kajabi, versus the ease and flow of reviewing the videos I have, spotting the gaps, adding to the library as we go, and being okay with posts/LIVES that compliment the topic and help clients in real time now on this topic and some that may never get seen again, but it feels like there are so many, and so much to do. And that it will never be enough, or right.

In my mind, there’s 5 different things to teach on the scale to help someone understand their body weight and fluctuations. And that’s just ONE topic. Then there’s meal planning, or weekend eating, or binge eating… and within each is like 5-10 micro concepts that I guess my question is “how the eff am I teaching all of these throughout 2022 to help my clients and be effective” lol can you tell me? Ha!

I don’t want to create 100 videos for my clients to watch and overwhelm them, but I guess I’m struggling with how to teach my curriculum, that I know they’re wanting support on, when there’s a lot to talk about and feels like many different topics.

At the end of the day, I know my clients just want help. And to get the results they paid for.

When one wants help with their goal setting, and another wants help on what to eat this week, and another is struggling with depression and binge eating, my brain is spinning on “sooooo what do we post in the community then this week?” Because there feels like a million things to choose and I don’t think there’s a WRONG topic but I do believe it won’t be enough, and that they’ll need more, that there’s always more to say, and that what I share needs to be saved, repurposed, and there’s pressure on me to keep it all fresh.