Overwhelm…and possible solutions

AS I am building my health coaching business and I incrementally work toward my goal of earning 10 times what I am earning now by this time next year (10,000 euro will become 100,000!) I am coming up against certain fears and overwhelm.
There are three main things that are triggering the overwhelm, each with a question:

1. FB ads. Do I have to use them or can I use organic marketing? With my 3 kids I don’t know if I have enough time to be on social media. Social media also brings up a lot of fear in me for some reason. Should I explore this reason or just use other methods.

2. Time consumption. Will making more money necessarily mean I will be swamped (there’s the overwhelm again!) or is this really just a matter of organizing my time and sticking to it?

3. My goal/figure. When I think of the goal I set of 100,000 I immediately feel stuck in my tracks, thinking that I will not have enough time and resources to reach it within a year. Should I reduce the number to say, 5 times as much as I am currently making to make the number more easily palatable and adjust my 10 year plan, or keep it as is and work through my feelings using the model?

Thanks so much!!