Paralyzed by possibility

After 7 years in business and working with many mentors learning that there are many models, none are “right” and we truly get to decide who we want to be as coaches, what model our business is, how much we charge, how we teach, what our “curriculum” looks like, what we launch, how we launch it, the structure, the offer, the results we help our clients create for themselves, the structure of how I teach…

Dear God. I’ve seen hundreds of ways, all of which “work” for various people and my thought is

I’m unsure of what I WANT my offer to be since there are so many ways to do it

And because I’m unsure of what to launch next, or what I want to promote within my business currently, I’m feeling confused and not marketing or talking about what I do and how I can help people because I’m confused on what that could even look like inside my program with all the possibilities and ways I can structure my assets. Maybe I don’t need to change anything, to scale my brain says I do, but the options are paralyzing.