potential client is a relative of a friend

Hi coaches
I am having some mind drama here about a particular potential client.

Before scheduling in a discovery call, my clients go through a screening process where they fill out a questionnaire of their goals, what they want to achieve etc.

One person that has applied, is one of my good friends cousin. Although I have never met her personally, I am having mind drama because she is someone I know.

My friends all know that I’m a coach, but they don’t really understand what coaching entails or how much I charge etc. . I live in a country where coaching is not really a thing, and people who are coaches charge the equivalent of around $100 a month.

I worked hard to build my international clientele and currently charge $450 a month. I have no mind drama saying this price to potential clientele that I don’t know and potential clientele that isn’t from the same country as me. However, I am having mind drama with this because I feel like she will tell her cousin ( that I am friends with) how ridiculous my pricing is. I feel like she will have an expectation for me to give her a discount (which I don’t do unless you’re my mom lol). I’m scared of being judged and feel like she will think that I am being money hungry by asking this price.

Please help coach me on this!