Prices & Program Duration

Hi, I specialise in helping new female entrepreneurs who are struggling with self doubt and taking action. I am doing free 10 week coaching program for my clients. However, I am unsure about how much to charge and how long I want to make the coaching program for once it is a paid offer.

I want to do it for 6 month coaching so I could work with one client and also have consistent income. However, I feel like when I am first starting out, new clients might not want to invest their time and money for 6 months. Like they might be hesitant to invest on coaching for that long especially when they are only getting to know me.

However, I feel like I won’t be able to coach my clients and help them have transformation in a short period of time. But I feel like people will want to invest on coaching that is not for a long duration.

So, what do I do? And also, I am not sure how much to charge for the coaching program.
Some of my thoughts are:
I don’t think my coaching program is worth spending money.
I don’t want to people to think like I am scamming them.
I don’t know if my coaching sessions are even that good enough.