Results on my model

I think I have a relatively clean model, but I’m having trouble determine what the result is from this one model.

C-Scrapbook digitization project for client
T-If I knew what I was doing, it wouldn’t be taking this long.
A-blame employee for dragging out the timeline, discount the qualifications that I do have, not show compassion to myself for learning how to do this new type of project I’ve never done before, hide from client/resist telling her it’s taking longer than my original estimation, resist sitting down to focus and work on the project/constantly look for other “more fun” projects to work on
R-Prove I don’t know what I’m doing?
R-Project takes longer than I expected?
R-Don’t learn how to make the project more efficient?

I think I am thinking too hard about the results, and also, I am sometimes unclear about if my R’s need to be as factual as my C’s in that they can not include any adjectives

Also, I might be blocking the “obvious” result from myself because maybe my brain thinks if I never figure out the result, it must not actually be happening.

Please help me see what I am struggling to see. Thank you!