Should I make an additional investment in my business?

Hi there – This year I invested about $18K in my coaching business by signing up for coach training and also working 1:1 with a life and leadership coach. The work was transformational for myself and my business. I’m wrapping up both programs this month and I’ve made almost all the money back. Also, I now have two repeatable revenue streams for my business that I didn’t before that I can focus on growing.

Because of the impact this work had on me, I’m trying to decide if I should continue the work – sign up with the life and leadership coach again for additional 1:1 support that’s lighter and attend a retreat that would take my learning and growth to a deeper level.

I remember Brooke saying she spent $80K with Frank Kern and I love the idea of betting on yourself / investing in yourself. I’m fully on board with that. After you make that money back though, how do you decide what to pay yourself and how long to wait before you make an additional investment? I’m trying to reconcile the ideas of investing in myself and my capacity to HAVE before reinvesting?

I get so excited about the idea of continuing the work I’ve done with training etc., but also want to be mindful of paying myself, etc.

Thanks so much!