Showing Up On Instagram

I always feel more connected to my business and audience when I am consistent on Instagram. The more I show my face in Instagram stories, the easier it gets. Here’s the “problem.” I am currently working on launching a new membership, but until it’s ready, I am not selling anything. Once my membership is live, I want to create an Instagram schedule – what content I post each week, how I show up on stories, when to go live each week (something that terrifies me) etc. – basically a framework for Instagram so I don’t need to think about it each day. But until my membership launches, I feel like creating a schedule like this might be a waste of time because 1.) it’s time taken away from actually working on my membership to launch it and 2.) I have nothing to point my audience to, to actually buy. In short, I am trying to decide whether or not to focus ALL my energy on getting this membership ready to go live as fast as possible OR create an Instagram schedule and start posting more now so that I am mentally in the Instagram groove when my membership launches. Any help appreciated!