Starting over in my biz

I am no longer going to be a weight loss coach, I have decided to become a travel coach.
I get excited but soon after begin to feel self-doubt because of the T-I can’t start something and stick with it.
The reason I am switching my niche is that I no longer want to coach weight loss. I am more passionate about traveling and currently am traveling more. This should be such an exciting opportunity for me yet I still go back to those negative feelings
C- Launch biz as a travel coach
T-Here we go again- Start something new and fresh but it’ll get boring in a few months
F- Doubt
A-Start biz but then stop, create more self-doubt, confusion, not take any action towards building biz
R-Don’t launch new biz

C- Launch biz as a travel coach
T-I don’t want to repeat what I did as a weight loss coach
A- second guess my new niche(start and stop constantly), not progress towards building new biz,
R-Not launch travel coach biz

Why am I choosing those negative feelings? My habit brain loves familiarity.
It will cause me to grow and my brain doesn’t like that.
A new niche means a new set of skills
I am once again wondering outside the cave and not playing it safe

These new thoughts make a lot of sense as to why I am choosing to buffer with those negative feelings that don’t allow me to create the result of launching my biz as a travel coach.

I am still choosing those negative feelings though. At which point do I just take Brooke’s advice and just take action regardless of how I feel?