Strategy session

I just had a one-off coaching session with a business coach who reviewed my website and niche.

I asked for brutal honesty and that’s what I got. Now I’m questioning everything I have in place for my business.

My niche is CPA moms and I’m now not sure that they are a viable niche. I’ve been in business for a year, marketing on Facebook and LinkedIn, I have a podcast with almost 60,000 downloads and I’ve had 3 paying clients in the last year.

When does it make sense to walk away from a niche? I know I am helping but they’re not seeing the value in working with me.

The coach said I’m focusing too much on “soft skills” and people don’t buy “life” coaching (she suggested I completely rebrand and remove the word coaching from my name and my copy because coaching is hard to sell).

I chose this niche because I have been a CPA mom for 30 years and after learning how to manage my mind I have been able to reduce my stress dramatically, even during tax season. I feel like my zone of genius is stress reduction and a balanced life but selling that doesn’t seem to be convertible into paying clients.

Before I give up, is there something I should be looking at?