My Impossible Goal for 2020

I’m going through the workbook and my impossible goal is: create $200,000 of additional gross income in 2020.

I’m panicking not because of how impossible that is – I’m panicking because:
(1) I don’t currently have a business and am currently trying to decide what direction to go in – do I get back into network marketing or do I pursue my own thing outside of that industry, and
(2) I’m not sure how to handle certain fails like …. posting about my business on social media, and no one engages … or I reach out to friends about my business, and I get ghosted … are those fails or ???

In order to collect fails, I will need to hit the ground running in the new year, but I can’t do that until I decide. However, I have a few things I would like to pursue but the one I am most passionate about, I wouldn’t be able to start until May 2020. I’m already feeling behind. Should I start a small temporary business to cover the time between January and May? That doesn’t feel so great.