Struggling to respond to social media comments

I’m a life coach. I put out content on Instagram and LinkedIn. I notice that when someone comments on a post, I will feel temporarily grateful and then almost disengage. Sometimes I respond right away. Other times it will be a few days. Sometimes I don’t respond at all. I know the importance of connection and nurturing relationships. After some digging, I realize a part of me still remembers burnout and I have this thought that cultivating connections will take too much energy. (It’s like an energy scarcity mentality). And yet, I love working with my clients. I love working on my business and preparing content that I believe my audience will find valuable. Where I’d like to be: I want people to feel seen and nurtured — and I don’t want to feel that pull of fear that it’s going to take too much energy (energy that I’m happily using for my existing clients and preparing content.)