Taking a break

I am struggling with the decision to take a break from Scholars. I’m happy with my progress here and how I now plan for my business, and I don’t actively use Scholars as often as I did when first joining. I notice a desire to take a break from Scholars to focus on other new learnings:

C: I notice a desire to leave Scholars.
T: I might regret that decision, which would make it a bad decision.
F: Indecision
A: Think without deciding, ask for other opinions, not trust my opinion
R: I reinforce that it’s possible to make a bad decision.

A model I’m moving towards:
C: I am currently a member of Scholars
T: I will continue to be a member as long as I find value in it.
F: Decisive
A: Use content, observe when I have less need for it, leave program when this occurs
R: I put value in my experience of Scholars.