Target Market, Narrowing my Niche, Being the Expert

I am working on getting super clear about my target market. Here’s what I have so far.

“Purpose-driven moms who know they want more beyond the call of motherhood but don’t know where to start.” These moms have a call or nudge on their heart to pursue a passion or interest. They feel it’s worth sharing with the world, yet they struggle with how to start because they’re waiting for “someday” to pursue those dreams – the perfect time – or the millions of other excuses we moms tell ourselves not to create the life we really want.

Helping moms rewrite their stories so they start taking action on their (passion, interest, or business-building) dreams. I want to focus on helping them show up without perfectionism, comparison, and people-pleasing (“expert” over here) to create the life they really want with a subset of helping them start their online business.

Does this sound like a good start?