Too Many Ideas 2

Great feedback. To answer one question, I have chosen a niche in the past and stuck with it for a year. I think that experience has contributed to my current indecision because the blog wasn’t successful and had no readership even though I invested time, energy, and passion. I’m now afraid that will happen again.

C: I chose a niche in the past and had zero readers.
T: I am wasting my life on this.
F: Empty
A: Search for jobs with more meaning, without remembering how my current job is capable of bringing meaning if I think about it differently. Refocus on current job and parts I find meaningful but chastise myself for not always focusing on the meaningful parts. Indulge in thoughts that my life is meaningless. Judge myself for being unhappy or feeling empty. Indulge in negative thoughts like “no one cares about me at all”.
R: I am wasting my life on negative thoughts.